Eventi: seminari, convegni

Seminario Ilario Mazzieri: lunedì 3 giugno ore 15:30

Seminario Dott. Ilario Mazzieri

(MOX, Politecnico di Milano)

A high-order discontinuous Galerkin approach to the elasto-acoustic problem

Lunedì 3 giugno ore 15:30 - Laboratorio HPC (DISIM, Piano terra, Coppito 1)


Coupled elasto-acoustic wave propagation arises in several scientific and engineering contexts such earthquake ground motion near coastal environments, geophysical detection of underground cavities, exploration seismology, structural acoustics and medical ultrasonics. In practical applications, the underlying geometry one has to deal with is remarkably complicated and irregular. For this reason, considering a conforming triangulation would be computationally very expensive. We are thus led to consider a space discretization capable to reproduce the geometrical constraints under consideration to a reasonable extent of accuracy, without being at the same time too much demanding. Such discretization is then performed using general polygonal/polyhedral (polytopic) elements, with no restriction on the number of faces each element can possess, and possibly allowing for face degeneration in mesh refinement. This work is focused on the development and analysis of a discontinuous Galerkin (dG) method on polygonal and polyhedral grids for the space discretization of an evolution problem modeling the coupled propagation of elastic and acoustic waves. We state and prove a well-posedness result for the strong formulation of the problem, present a stability result for the semi-discrete formulation, and finally prove an a priori energy error estimate for the resulting formulation. The convergence results are verified by two and three dimensional numerical experiments.