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Seminario di Probabilità e Meccanica Statistica: 16 aprile ore 14

Seminario di Probabilità e Meccanica Statistica

Martedì 16 Aprile, ore 14:00, laboratorio didattico (Coppito 1, piano terra)

Relatore: Clement Erignoux, Università di Roma TRE

Titolo: Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics for non reversible boundary driven models


The most common tool to derive hydrodynamic limits for lattice gases is the entropy method, which estimates the entropy of the measure of a particle system with respect to a nice -generally product- reference measure, which allows to estimate all relevant quantities thanks to the distance between the true measure of the process and the reference measure. However, in some cases, this method fails, in particular for boundary driven dynamics, for which the entropy production at the boundary is in general too fast for models for which the boundary dynamics is not reversible w.r.t. product measures. In this talk, I will explain how to use duality to prove hydrostatic and hydrodynamic limits for several classes of models, and will try to explain the reach and limitations of the tools we used. (This is joint work with Claudio Landim and Tiesheng Xu (IMPA).)